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Thank you - Mgmt & DVM
Consignments are being accepted for our 25th annual
"Bringing in the Green" Special Sale.

Sale is scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2018 and will begin at 12 noon.

To consign your cattle, please call us at 940-627-5599
or send an email to

Early Consignments include:

• 40 +/- Angus foundation cow pairs and 6-8 home raised 1st calf heifer pairs. Several 3-in-1 cows, being bred to Red Angus bull. The better kind from reputation producer.
• 10 Black Angus and 2 Angus X Charolais with 1st or 2nd calf by side. Been running back with Black Angus bull.
• 35 extra fancy Black Angus 1st calf pairs. The February calves were sired by a registered Roger Wuann Angus bull and will be worked – out of a reputation producer’s herd.
​• 5 Black and 5 Red SimAngus open heifers. Sold with 6 month option to have them AI’d to RA Brown Pace Setter or Precision Red Angus bull. Conception to be confirmed by blood test – deal of the year!

​• 16 Black heifers exposed to registered Black Angus bull weighing 900#. One raising, vet administered health program.

​• 1 LimFlex cow – bred to homozygous Limousin bull. She was champion of breed in Ft Worth as a heifer – out of the Stower’s herd.
• 25 Black Angus pair cows – some 3-in-1. Out of a longtime registered herd, top genetics. Being sold as commercial.

​​• 4 bred BBF Simmental cows carrying their 3rd calf being bred to Maine X Angus bull and 2 BBF Simmental pairs – may be 3-in-1 having been running back with this bull.

​​• 2 Angus cows with 3rd calf by side. Should be 3-in-1 being bred back to registered Angus bull. Extra gentle.
• 25 Angus+ pairs – 3-5 years old with February/March calves by side. Running back with Black bulls.
• 50 +/- Black 3-5 year old cows. 2+ months bred to Black bulls.
• 8 Red Angus 1st calf pairs. Exposed back to Red Angus bull. The heifers are out of Broseco Ranch herd.

​​• 7 big and fancy 1st calf pairs. Composite breeding going back to Beefmaster herd. Calves will be worked.

​• 4-6 Angus pairs and 4 Angus bred cows. These are backyard gentle. Bred to Angus bull.

​• 20 Black, BBF or BMF heifers, been running with registered Brangus bull since December 5. Fancy set of Angus, Angus+ and some Brangus. OCV and vet administered health program.

​​• 8 Black 1st calf and 2 2nd calf pairs. Turned in Black Angus bull on February 20. Calves will be worked and vaccinated.

​• 2 registered Black Angus bulls – sired by CFA Total and CNB Special Focus – Reg #1858525 and 18749466.
• 1 virgin Black Angus commercial bull. Coming 2, he was sired by ABS Objective – broad and deep bodied.

​• 1 registered Limousin Bull – double polled, double black. DOB 10/2016. Reg #NXM2126194. Sired by SSTO Apache carrying Mags genetics.

​• 2 Charolais bulls.  Coming 2 year olds from a well-established Charolais producer.

​• 1 Black Limousin and 1 LimFlex 2+ year old virgin bulls.  Ready to turn out!

17 Angus 3-5 year old pairs or long bred cows. Current vaccination program and calves are worked. High quality – one raising.
6 really fancy open Maine X Angus heifers, weighing 750-900#. Out of long established championship herd.
19 young Black or BBF bred cows/heifers and 14 Simmental or SimAngus pairs from long time Simmental producer. Bred to Angus or Simmental bulls – selected out of 300 head herd.  
2 registered Hereford and 1 registered Angus cows with February/March Angus sired calves by side. Sired by Sav Angus Valley 4209.
6 Black and 3 Red Angus heifers long bred to LBW Angus bull. Complete vet health maintenance program. Nice set of heifers.
12 Angus type 1st calf pairs with January – March calves by side. Have been running back with registered Simmental bull.
7 Angus/Angus X Charolais heifers bred to registered Angus bull for 90 day fall calving period. Big and fancy from an Integrity Beef Producer participant.

​• 2 registered Red Angus bulls - sired by Brown Right Direction.  Reg #3597068 and 3597048.