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Sale Every Monday 
Beginning at 10:00 a.m.

We receive cattle on
Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm
Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm
Monday starting at 7:30 am
If you need to drop something off during the week, please call ahead and we will arrange to be here and unload them.

Sale Order:
--Bulls (over 1000#)
--Packer Cows
--Bred Cows
--Pairs (Calves under 350#)
--Doodlers (Calves under 250#)
--Horn Calves/Yearlings (LH or Corrientes)
--Calves and Yearlings (run in order they arrive)
Our mailing address is:  2473 N FM 51, Decatur, TX  76234
Phone:  940-627-5599  Fax:  940-627-1434
Decatur Livestock Market
2 Bays to Pull Through 
for Ease of 

Why You Should Sell at DLM:
Buyers from 7-9 Packing Companies
5 National Order Buying Companies
19 Regional Order Buying Companies
  • We work to merchandise your cattle rather than just sell them.
  • Marketing tools include:
             Featured consignments (dispersals, preconditioned, etc.)
             Advertising your cattle in trade publications, internet, faxes, correspondence, phone calls
            Electronic real-time scales so buyers can see actual weight at time of bidding
            Sales transactions on DVD for post sale review
            Customer service and proper care of your cattle emphasized.

We know you have a choice and we do not take you for granted.
 We have to earn your business.
DLM will provide necessary services and facilities to maximize return on investment for our customers.  Ethical business practices will govern our operation.  DLM does not trade or speculate in livestock - We will not compete with our customers.